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ONE Spa Reservations at Finest Resorts Playa Mujeres

One Spa honors the universality that binds all diversity. In keeping with our message of “One love, One world, One energy”, we rescued and crafted, with love, reverence and devotion for life and all beings, our One Signature Rituals, Facials, Body Treatments and Massages.

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One Rituals
Water cleans, purifies, transforms and heals all things and the soul. Flowing water is the flowing of One love, One energy in One’s world. The One Aqua ritual is a tribute to the source of SPA healing, salute per aqua, from ancient Bath Houses. This is a journey of aqua stations, utilizing water in all its glories through pressure, temperature, in curative muds, jets, thermal showers, microcirculation beds, Turkish bath and dry sauna. We drench and transform your body by eliminating toxins, improving your skin tone, promoting circulation and infusing in it the curative kindness of herbal teas and macerations. One Aqua is a must One Spa Signature Ritual. We suggest that you include it as a first step to all your treatments.
Expressions of the Vedas are expressions of the deepest impulses of Nature itself. The expressions of the Vedas strengthen our own connection with the One love, One world, One energy that permeates everything. Harmonize within and with Nature in ritual therapies based in the timeless tradition of the Ayur-Veda. Treatments help renew physical and mental peace. Combining cedar, orange, lavender, sage and ylang ylang oils, herbal warm pindas and rhythmic abhyanga to balance, strengthen and purify.
In the Aztec wisdom tonalli is the “luminous essence”, from the belief that the breath of life is the essence that brings One love, One energy, One purifying light to all living things in One world. In reverence to this tradition the Tonalli ritual awakens the One purifying light in your body through a successive steps of cleansing with warm herbal body wraps so your body absorbs nature’s light and life, followed by the use of the anti-inflammatory powers of obsidian stones to work gently on your muscles and rebalance its energetic flow, and therapeutic massages to energize your overall feeling.
Massage soothes and prepares the body to enjoy a stronger connection with “One’s love, One’s energy” within for the benefit of One’s world. The best of European massage techniques for total release of tensions from the body, providing cranial rest and liberating the mind, with the powerful effects of essential oils prescribed by your trained therapist according to your physical and emotional needs, infusing your blood stream with the goodness of healing plants.
Celebrating the gift of creation in every woman Des fleurs ritual is the most beautiful cocoon of care and nourishment designed for the feminine skin, muscles and bright soul, thus renewing the One feminine love, One feminine energy in you to help keep our One world always united. Des fleurs ritual is given with devotion, utilizing homemade herbal scrubs, infused chamomile balm massage and a warm facial of rose petals.
Bless your union with this heart touching ritual that nourishes body, mind and soul in softly pulsating rhythms with gentleness and appreciation. Enjoy the love that brings light to your life and life to everything. Indulge in the blessing of the One love, One energy flowing through your hearts softly echoing and again "I love you". Ritual ingredients and techniques help create the beautiful energy produced by our synchronized One Lomi Lomi massage for couples. They include aura and honey hands purification, tea ritual, rose petals and essential oils of Sandalwood, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.
Restoring the free flow of One love, One energy to renew the vitality and exaltation of your long lasting love. “In Loving Gratitude“ combines aura and energy cleansing, digitopressure, essential oils treatments and Mandala meditation to trigger the deep emotional healing mechanisms that enliven the heart, expand perception, dissolve fears and stress, and improve communication. “In Loving Gratitude“ prepares body, heart and mind to experience the flow of mutual love and gratitude in your relationship. Ritual ingredients include special honey, rose water, amaranto, wheat and rice seeds as well as sesame oil, and the heart nurturing Geranium, Fragonia and Marjoram Oils.
Family is One. Our One family, One world ritual honors and makes One your parent-child connection. The quality of One world depends on the quality of One love, One energy, One family. Ritual techniques include flower petals, hand bath and essential oils. Your child, under the guidance of your One Spa therapist, will learn beautiful massage steps to thank Mom or Dad for the loving moments in their lives, in gratitude for the miracle and blessing of a pure love connection.

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