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8 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid Making on Your Tropical Honeymoon

When you know what not to do on your honeymoon, then you will know how to plan the ultimate tropical getaway for time together as a married couple.

Everyone wants their honeymoon to be a perfect time away in an exotic destination with the person they hold dear. But there are several common pitfalls that you could easily fall into that could hinder your honeymoon bliss.

To make sure that you both get the dreamy vacation that you desire together, I am going to walk you through some of the biggest honeymoon mistakes to avoid that you can accidentally fall into during the planning and implementation of your Caribbean getaway.

Once you know what to avoid, you can then go ahead and enjoy the best beachfront break in the sun alongside your beloved spouse. 

Beachfront honeymoon break in the Caribbean

Mistake 1: Planning activities for the day after

Your wedding day is a beautiful time when you make memories that will last a lifetime. However, it is also an extremely busy day and you will most likely feel exhausted by the end of it. This is why planning to get up early the next day and go ahead and start doing lots of activities is not advisable.

Give yourself the day after your wedding to rest and recover so that you can enjoy some peaceful tranquility and perfect pampering to start off your luxurious vacation. 

Mistake 2: Not upgrading the honeymoon

Whilst many people like to splurge on the wedding, there are also many who as a result tend to economize with the honeymoon. This is a mistake. The moments that you spend together on your honeymoon are equally as important as the wedding itself.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to upgrade your suite and request some enhancements that will improve your romantic experience. Check out the Excellence Club suites in Finest Punta Cana, and try and get the best suite that you can afford so you can enjoy little additions like champagne in the room, a view of the ocean, a private jacuzzi, or even just an upgraded minibar. 

Upgrade your honeymoon accomodations to the best suite

Mistake 3: Packing everything last minute

Whilst many travel experts will recommend not packing earlier than a month before your vacation, you also shouldn't leave everything to the last minute. This is not only slightly stressful but it can also result in a lot of forgotten items that you later wish you had brought. 

Take some time beforehand to consider all the things that you would like to bring with you and make sure that you at least make the packing list nice and early. 

Mistake 4: Forgetting to tell the resort concierge

Some couples book their suite, visit an All Inclusive resort, and then go home without ever telling anyone why they are there or what makes this vacation so extraordinarily special. If you are to get the most out of this escape, however, you need to let the resort staff know.

Start by letting the booking agent know when making your reservation and then make sure that you mention it again to the resort concierge when you check in. Whilst no special treatment is ever guaranteed, you may be surprised to find just how much this shared information can alter your experience. 

Special services for couples on their honeymoon in the caribbean

Mistake 5: Being busy the entire vacation

It is understandable that as you go about exploring the different things to do that exist in your honeymoon destination, you get excited and wish to do it all. But, doing so can leave you feeling worn out, stressed, and overwhelmed. 

Despite the fantastic options and opportunities available, you should select just a few key things that you would both like to do together and then give yourselves plenty of time to rest and unwind. 

Mistake 6: Spending all day in the sun

There are countless stories told of honeymooners that were not able to fully enjoy themselves due to sunburn. Whilst laying in the full warmth of the Caribbean sun can be delightful, make sure that you are prepared with the right factor blocker and that you do not overdo it. 

Enjoy the sunshine but also take some time in the shade so that you can continue to indulge and delight in the joys of a tropical honeymoon escape

Woman enjoying her honeymoon by sunbathing by the pool in her resort

Mistake 7: Having no photos to remember this time

Your honeymoon is a time to enjoy yourself to the full and to take advantage of every all-inclusive amenity and inclusion that you can. In fact, you may find yourself enjoying yourself so much that by the end of the vacation, you suddenly realize that you did not take any photos at all.

Whilst you shouldn't put your entire focus into your camera because it should instead be on your partner, it is still important to take a few moments throughout the honeymoon to capture the special times that you spent together. Years later you will be able to look back on these pictures and warm your heart with the romance of the Caribbean. 

Mistake 8: Not going on a tropical honeymoon

Of course, one of the absolute biggest mistakes to avoid during your tropical honeymoon is not going anywhere at all. Whilst it may be practical, cost-effective, and closer, just staying home, and avoiding going to the Caribbean means that you miss out on a lot of exquisite moments that enhance your romance and love.

This is the beginning of your life together and it deserves to start off in the best way possible. Take some time away together in the Caribbean and enjoy creating the memories that will make you smile throughout the rest of your marriage.   

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