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Find The Best Tequila For Shots And The Best Mezcal Tequila in Mexico!

Explore the top Mexican tequila brands and see the best mezcal tequila that you should try at least once. Tequila tasting experiences await you in Cancun!

Whether you are looking for some sophisticated tequila shots or a Mexican mezcal cocktail there are innumerable ways to enjoy tequila in Mexico. But which is the best tequila for you? Which tequila brands should you try? And what else should you know about this marvelous Mexican drink?

Journey through the amazing world of tequila as we show you all the answers to your tequila based questions, and guide you to the best tequila brands for every occasion. 

What is tequila made from?

Let us start with the basics. How is tequila made? Well, you may be familiar with the concept of how sugar can turn into alcohol. But tequila uses a very unique type of sugar that makes it unlike anything anywhere else in the world. Tequila is made from the sugars extracted from the blue agave plant.

Field of blue agave plants in Mexico for tequila distilling

The center of the agave plant is cooked allowing for the sugars to be released and fermented. Often, tequila from the highlands has a much sweeter result whereas lowland created tequila is usually a bit more earthier in flavor.  

Then the sugars are aged, distilled, and stored in barrels. The time spent in the barrels and the type of wood they are made from usually influences the darkness of the tequila, so lighter versions have usually been stored for less time. 

Mezcal vs tequila

So many people are talking about Mezcal drinks, tequila cocktails, and sometimes even Mezcal tequila. So what is the difference between mezcal and tequila? Well, to clarify, Mezcal refers to any type of spirit that has been created from the agave plant. 

Wait, isn't tequila made from agave? Yes, tequila is therefore a mezcal drink which is why some people call it mezcal tequila. However, tequila is only made from blue agave whereas mezcal can be made from any type of agave plant.

Agave plant for Mexican Mezcal drinks

Sometimes you will find spirits labeled as mezcal and not tequila, which usually means that they are not blue agave and will likely have a much darker, peatier, smokier flavor. Whilst both tequila and mezcal are similar and both are true mexican spirits, it's tequila that the country has truly become famous for. 

The 3 main types of mezcal tequila

Before we start looking at the best tequila for shots and the best tequila brands on the market, we need to know a little bit about the different types of tequila available and the flavor profiles that come with each option.

Blanco tequila: 

This is a white tequila that has not been aged. These are usually light and easier to drink spirits that have a slightly peppery flavor and a bright profile. 

Reposado tequila: 

This kind refers to a tequila that has been aged in oak barrels for at least 2 months. This introduces some mild flavors from the wood which makes the drink a little heavier and brings out the aftertaste.

Añejo tequila: 

This is where we get to the darker spirit. Añejo has been aged like Reposado but for a much longer time. The minimum timeframe for this type of tequila is at least 1 year. This will be a favorite for whisky drinkers who love that smokiness that comes with hints of vanilla, honey, and caramel. There also exists an extra Añejo version which has been aged for at least 3 years.

Explore the best tequila brands

So what is the best tequila then? Well, that really depends on your tequila values. Knowing that everyone is different and everyone is looking to enjoy tequila in their own way, let us take a look at the best tequila types for every occasion so that you can enjoy the best tequila mixers and shots on your Mexican vacation…

The best tequila for margaritas

Most margaritas are made with a white tequila (blanco) although some do choose a reposado. Whilst margaritas can be made with all kinds and types of tequila, and you may wish to try a few different ones, my recommendation for margaritas is the Maestro Dobel diamante.

The best tequila for shots

Honestly, there is no perfect answer for this except that almost all tequila works well with shots. Since you will be drinking the tequila straight, I would recommend a higher-end tequila so that you can appreciate the complexity of the flavors. Slightly lower-end products are best left for mixers in larger drinks. 

Two glasses and the best tequila for shots in a bar in Mexico

The bests low calorie tequila

With less than 100 calories per shot, tequila is a great low calorie drink option for anyone counting their intake. The calorie amount tends not to vary greatly from one tequila to the next however the finer and slightly more costly tequilas do have a lower chance of having preservatives or artificial coloring which may be something you want to consider. 

The best Mexican tequila bottle

Now you may be thinking that the most unique tequila bottle has a worm in the bottom. However, this is a common misunderstanding since the liquor that sometimes has that feature is not actually tequila at all. Its Mezcal. Now if you want a tequila bottle that stands out as something special, you should have a look for the Don Julio Real tequila.

The most popular Mexican tequila

Tequila is very popular in Mexico. So much so that narrowing it down to the #1 most popular tequila is very hard to do. I can however show you the 10 most popular tequila brands that you should try in Mexico. They are:

  1. Don Julio
  2. Jimador
  3. Jose Cuervo
  4. Maestro Dobel
  5. Ocho
  6. Herradura
  7. Casa Noble
  8. Clase Azul
  9. Cazadores
  10. Patron

The best tequila in the world

As you can imagine, the world of tequila is a very competitive one and the best of the best has to be something truly special. For the 2023 Ultimate Spirits Competition, as mentioned by Forbes, the top rating was given to Ocho Añejo which earned 97 points of recognition out of 100. 

However, many other tequilas made it to the top 100 list and earned almost equal points. Therefore, the best tequila in Mexico or the top tequila brand in the world may simply be a personal preference. 

The best tequila drinks to try

Tequila is not just great on its own. In fact, there are so many Mexican adaptions to famous cocktails. This speaks to the flavors and versatility of tequila and adds a nice little Mexican twist to some old fashioned recipes. 

Here is a list of some tequila cocktails and beach drinks you should try…

  • Margarita
  • Tequila Sunrise

  • Mexican Mule
  • Añejo Old Fashioned
  • Bloody Maria
  • Tequila Soda
  • Paloma
  • Tequila Sour
  • Mexican Coffee
  • Tequila and Tonic
  • Tequila Screwdriver
  • Tequila Manhattan

And believe me, there are plenty more! The list of tequila drinks, combinations, and cocktails is a very long one indeed. 

Enjoy the best tequila in Cancun!

Now you know plenty about the top tequilas around, when are you going to go and try some? How about taking some time to try some different varieties of tequila shots and cocktails in Cancun? In Finest Playa Mujeres located just 40 minutes from Cancun International Airport, you can stay, relax, and enjoy a wide variety of authentic Mexican tequilas. 

Finest Playa Mujeres: the perfect place to drink tequila in Mexico

There is even a bar by the theater called “El Teatro Tequilas & Mezcales” that specializes in exotic cocktails with Mexican influences. If you download the app and look at the room service menus you will also notice many different types of tequila for you to try. This means that you can even enjoy these traditional flavors from the comfort of your suite. Some available offerings may include…

  • Maestro Dobel diamante
  • Jose Cuervo reserva de la familia platino 
  • Jose Cuervo reserva de la familia extra añejo 
  • Casa dragones blanco 
  • Casa dragones joven
  • Clase azul plata 
  • Clase azul reposado
  • Clase azul añejo
  • Casa Amigos reposado
  • Patron Añejo
  • Tequila 1800 reposado
  • Herradura seleccion suprema
  • Don Julio 70 Añejo

So what would you like to try first? Escape to Finest Playa Mujeres and enjoy your favorite tequila. 

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