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Everything You Need to Know About Larimar Stone in The Dominican Republic

Learn the meaning of Larimar stone and see why this precious blue gemstone makes for an amazing souvenir from your vacation in the Dominican Republic.

When you are looking for authentic gifts, or some sort of special souvenir to take home, you really cannot find anything more unique than something with Larimar stone. This is because this interesting gemstone is one of the rarest and most beautiful stones in the world. 

Whilst there are 195 countries in the world, Larimar can only be found in one place: the Dominican Republic. Actually, it gets even better than that, Larimar stone is only found on one single mountain within the entire country.

Rare? Yes. Unique? Yes. Beautiful? Very much so. 

But there is more to know about this stunning Dominican stone. So let's keep reading together and see what makes Larimar so special.

What is the meaning of Larimar?

Larimar stone actually has a very interesting origin. First off it was discovered by a man in 1916 by the name of Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren who was from Barahona parish. Unfortunately, however, he was not permitted to truly explore the mines of Larimar at this time.

Later, in 1974 Miguel Méndez and Norman Rilling found Larimar stone on the beach along the Barahona coast. Locals called Larimar “Blue stone” which was a very appropriate name, but Miguel Mendez decided to rename it. 

He took his beloved daughter's first name “Larissa” and combined it with the Spanish word for ocean which is “Mar” because of its striking blue nature. So with Larissa + Mar, he created the name we know today - Larimar.  

Blue ocean colors like the Larimar stone

Soon after the discoverers of Larimar followed the Bahoruco River upstream until they found what came to be known as Chupaderos mine.

What are the Larimar properties?

People searching for Larimar properties are usually searching for either the geological makeup of Larimar or some deeper meaning of the gemstone. Here we will cover both.

Larimar is a pectolite. Whilst there are other pectolite stones in other places, the blue variety is only found here. This means that as a pectolite substance, the Larimar stone is mostly made of blue pectolite, which is basically an acid-silicate hydrate of both calcium and sodium.

Ok, that's the science bit over, what about the special properties people say that Larimar has? Many people believe that Larimar has magical healing properties and metaphysical powers. In fact, some people will use the rumored special abilities of Larimar and its stress-relieving properties as a selling point in their advertising. 

Properties of Larimar stone in the Dominican Republic

While the spiritual meanings of crystals and special stones are a matter of belief and speculation, the confirmed scientific properties of Larimar stones do not register any magical properties. That doesn't mean that they cannot relieve stress however, between recognition of the placebo effect and how the turquoise blue Dominican stones remind people of the ocean, which is a natural stress reliever, having a Larimar stone can in effect be a source of calm. 

Where to buy a Larimar ring or stone

Well, to start with, you need to get to the Dominican Republic. This is the place to get it. You may have noticed that we have already mentioned that Larimar stone comes from the city of Barahona. However, this Larimar-infused city is a very long way from Punta Cana. It would be almost a 6-hour drive to get there!

Thankfully, the Larimar mined in Barahona has spread out to the rest of the country and now it is very easy to get this Dominican gemstone in Punta Cana and in other parts of the island. So, the only traveling needed will be from your resort to the local shopping areas.

Woman going to go buy a Larimar ring in the Dominican Republic

Larimar is the jewel of the Dominican Republic and a very valuable souvenir that locals are happy to sell. Therefore, not only will you find Larimar rings and Larimar jewelry in specialized shops, but you can also find all sorts of Larimar items in the markets, stands, and from individual sellers. 

Note that Larimar stones can come in different shades of blue, varying sizes, and different levels of quality which all affect the price of each piece. 

Larimar stone in Punta Cana

Whilst you will likely want to spend the majority of your time within the comfort of your resort at Finest Punta Cana, you may also want to consider getting a special Dominican Republic souvenir to bring back home with you.

Thankfully, this will not be very difficult. Larimar is such a treasured stone in the region, that you will likely see shops, restaurants, properties, and services that are all named after Larimar stone. Whilst you shouldn't assume that all of the places with Larimar in their name will sell the stone, you can be assured that such a cherished item is going to be widely available for purchase in souvenir shops, and stores. 

You can also ask your resort concierge or your shopping tour guide for recommendations and they will be happy to direct you to the top Larimar shopping spots. 

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