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What are the best vacations to go on? Cruises vs All Inclusive Resorts

Voyage through this comparison of All Inclusive resorts and cruises. See which one is best for you so that you can know what vacation to go for.

In this blog article, we are going to show you a step-by-step comparison so you can see whether you should book a cruise or reserve an All Inclusive resort. Whilst both options have their pros and cons, by the end of this little guide you will be able to clearly see the different kinds of experiences that they offer and which one best suits your vacation style. 

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Are cruises the same as All Inclusive?

A lot of cruises are advertised as All Inclusive but they are not all as inclusive as you might expect. You should make sure that you always read the fine print to see what sorts of extras will be added to your bill at the end as this can vary per package. Often cruise ship reservations include the dining, and the accommodations but do not offer the activities, the wifi, or the drinks, and have a lot of additional areas which come with an additional charge which gets added to your credit card at the end.

All Inclusive resorts on the other hand offer a broader selection of inclusions within a single reservation. Accommodations, fine dining options, drinks, in-resort activities, and all the amenities are included. The only general exclusions to what you get are motorized watersports and the optional spa treatments.

activities in an All Inclusive resort vs a cruise

Which option is safest?

There is no need to start searching online for, “cruise vs Titanic”, “cruise ship man overboard”, and “How many cruise ships have sunk”. Safety is an important factor to consider when planning your vacations but we are going to help you answer the questions as to whether or not cruises are safe. 

Honestly, they are safer than a lot of people think and there have only been a few cruise ships that have sunk within the last couple of decades. But the ocean is still the ocean and though going on a cruise ship doesn't necessarily put you in harm's way, rogue waves, and technical issues can be factors that affect your vacation. 

Now what about the other option? Are All Inclusive resorts safe? In short, yes. It should be noted though, that if you are taking tours or exploring the local areas, you should always take reasonable precautions. However, once you reach your resort, you are in a protected and closed-off space where your security and safety are their main priority. 

Safety in an All Inclusive resort vs a cruise

Are cruises cheaper than All Inclusive resorts?

When you look at what vacations to go on, you may find that cruises appear to be cheaper than All Inclusive resorts. At first glance, that does appear to be true. However, there are a few additional factors to consider. 

In addition to paying for your cruise you may come across these extras:

  1. Internet access: To get WiFi, you may be charged around twenty dollars a day.
  2. Room service fees: Now some cruise lines charge extra for room service
  3. Drinks & corkage: Usually, drinks are not included and if you want to bring your own drinks you would have to pay a corkage fee. 
  4. Day passes: VIP and club areas come with daily costs. 
  5. Dining extras: This one is fairly new, but now some premium food options cost extra. 
  6. Cruise activities: Whilst the pool is free, most other amenities such as rock climbing walls, or fitness centers charge you entry. 
  7. Automatic tips: At the end of the trip, despite whatever you tipped the staff, an automatic gratuity fee per day may be added to your bill. 
  8. Taxes, fees, and port charges: These are added at the end of your voyage and can be several hundred dollars.

In an All Inclusive resort, you may end up with a higher starting cost for your suite reservation, but the upfront amount is generally all you need to pay. This makes it clearer as to what the vacation is really going to cost you and it can work out more cost effective in the long run.

This is because All Inclusive resorts are designed to be an oasis where everything you could possibly want or need is included in what you have already paid. WiFi, room service, club access, premium food and drink options, and almost all the resort activities, are part of the All Inclusive package. Some resorts give benefits to booking directly and even include transportation from the airport so you don't have to worry about anything from the moment you arrive. 

Free transportation from the airport to your resort

Though you can still tip the staff if you feel like it, tips are included as part of the All Inclusive resort package, and there are no hidden fees or extras that you may not have been aware of to surprise you at the end. Above all, the care and attention you will receive is unsurpassable.

What are the different accommodations like?

Both cruises and All Inclusive resorts offer varying levels of luxury for you to choose from and each option comes with its price point. The best thing you can do to get an idea of the differences is to look at some photos of each option and compare the value of what you are getting.

It should be noted that cruise accommodations are designed to fit on a ship which means that they have to maximize the benefits of the limited space available. This can result in slightly claustrophobic spaces, especially, if you are booking some of the lower-tier options. Resorts often have more expansive suites and more unique concepts. 

Swim-up suites, rooftop terrace suites, suites with private pools and jacuzzis, and really high-tier accommodations like Imperial Suites and apartment-style suites, definitely give the win to resorts in this section. 

The best suites are in an All Inclusive resort

What kind of vacation do you want?

In the end, the type of vacation that you book really depends on what kind of escape and experience you want to enjoy. 

Cruises offer busier exploration where you can visit multiple locations in a single vacation but you will need to stick to a strict schedule to make sure that you are out and about within the time frame that your cruise ship determines. This can lead to slightly less freedom to enjoy activities and tours when you want. When you are at sea, you have to stay at sea, and when you are docked, then you need to make sure that you are back before a certain time. 

On the other hand, if you want time by the beach, the freedom to enjoy your vacation however you want day or night, and all the All Inclusive comforts handed to you on a platter, then a luxurious resort is the ideal way to go. In this option, you won't get to travel to multiple countries in a single trip, but you will be able to truly unwind in the serenity of a beautiful paradise that pampers you each day without extra costs or complications. 

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