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What is The Weather Like During The Year in Punta Cana?

Have a deeper look at the Punta Cana climate so that you can look forward to a Caribbean island vacation with the weather in mind.

If you are planning a trip to Punta Cana, likely one of the first things you may wonder about is the weather. Is it going to be suitable for relaxing on the beach? Will it be overly rainy? How hot does it actually get? 

Let us take a deeper look at the Punta Cana climate and the types of weather and conditions you can expect to enjoy during your next tropical vacation in this island paradise. 


Stunning skies can be seen in many places throughout the world. However, there are some destinations that just seem to have the best sunsets and sunrises. One of these places known for its gorgeous skies is Punta Cana. 

Though a sunset is not necessarily classified as weather, it is a direct result of the weather conditions in the area and it greatly affects the ambiance for your perfect getaway in Finest Punta Cana

Sunset on the horizon in Punta Cana


Precipitation is what is used to measure and calculate the atmospheric water vapor that falls from the clouds. Since Punta Cana does not have hail or snow this would simply apply to the rainfall. So how much rain does Punta Cana get?

Well despite its very tropical feel and its lush greenery, this gorgeous island only gets heavy rain for about seven to eleven days a year. The wettest month is usually October and the driest months are from January to March though it can vary slightly.

Monthly precipitation or rainfall can be estimated at about 1 to 3 inches a month which may seem a lot, however, the reality is that it is not hugely noticeable because even when it rains a little bit the sun will usually still come out afterward. In addition, a lot of rain falls during the night allowing you to enjoy the day in the sun whilst the plants get what they need when it is dark. 


Now we come to what Punta Cana is known for. The infinite sunshine and perfect temperature throughout the year. Usual temperatures stay in the warm and comfortable range of 72 to 88 degrees however on some very rare occasions the temperature may fall just below 69 or just above 90 degrees.

Warm weather and sunshine at the beach in Punta Cana

This means that you get the best climate that allows you to soak up the sunshine without feeling like you are sweltering in the heat. Because of these perfect year round conditions, Finest Punta Cana is a favorite vacation spot for many and is set right in front of some of the most enjoyable beaches in the Caribbean.


Though some natural events cannot be predicted the general breeze in Punta Cana rarely exceeds 13 Mph and often remains at about 10 Mph. This is a very gentle breeze that is enough to rustle a few twigs and leaves but nothing more. 

Sunny climate and a light breeze in Finest Punta Cana

This makes beach life very easy as you do not have to constantly worry about your personal possessions flying away. Instead, this delicate wind is enough to provide a soft refreshment to a warm day without causing any inconvenience to your vacation.

Tropical elements

Humidity levels stay fairly high throughout the year in Punta Cana ranging from about 69 to 76 percent. This means that you can expect a fair amount of humidity that is comparable to Florida in the United States. However, for those with allergies or asthma, a high humidity environment may mean that they get some alleviation from their usual symptoms and find breathing much easier.  

As for the possibility of the arrival of a tropical storm during the hurricane season, though this is an unpredictable facet of nature, there is natural protection that comes from Puerto Rico and the Mona channel to the east. Because of their different conditions and temperatures, this often forces tropical storms to turn north and away from the island. 

Water temperature

If you are relaxing in the pool, it is likely that you have heaters that keep the temperature at the perfect level for your comfort. But what about the ocean? Is it going to be too cold to swim in? Definitely not. 

The temperature of the water in Punta Cana is perfect for swimming

With the sun beating down on the Caribbean waters day after day, the oceans of Punta Cana remain relatively warm to swim in. They may not be as toasty as the jacuzzi in your luxury suite or a heated pool, but they will be plenty warm enough for you to enjoy. 

Average temperatures in the waters of Punta Cana range from about 80 to 83 degrees, though this may only apply in shallower waters. If you are planning on diving or going down deep, you should be aware that because the sun does not reach that far, it will be much cooler. 

Now that you know what the climate is like in this part of the island and how to enjoy the best weather in the Caribbean, you can go ahead and book your break by the beach in the all ages luxury resort of Finest Punta Cana


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