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Explore The Best Resorts For Kids With Fun Activities And Entertainment!

Take a look at the Imagine Kids Clubs of Finest Resorts and see what makes these all ages escapes the best All Inclusive resorts for kids.

As you search for the best hotel or resort for kids, a key factor that will come into play is the amenities, activities, and inclusions of the club for young adults or children. No matter the age of your kids, you want a kid-friendly vacation that is as fun for them as it is for you.

So in this article, we are going to avoid family activities, we are going to bypass the things for adults and instead we are going to take a look at what there is specifically for the kids in Finest Resorts. This way you can see what's available for your children and what sorts of adventures and experiences they can enjoy during your next family escape. 

Club for young adults in Finest Resorts

Kid-friendly resort activities

Let's begin with the big question. What is there to do to entertain your kids? After all, you want them to have the best beach vacation right? 

Finest Resorts has several Kids Clubs for children of different ages that come with a lot of exciting indoor and outdoor activities for them to enjoy during their vacation. These scheduled activities can be found in The Excellence Collection app which is available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. Once you open up the app, search in the “Entertainment” section where it says “Scheduled Teens & Kids Club Activities

The staff in these Kids' Clubs organize and manage regular things to do for the kids so that they can have fun together in a variety of different ways each day. Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, some examples of these kids' resort activities have included the following…

Themed days for kids

Finest Resorts often have daily themes for the kids. What does that mean? Basically, the resort staff organizes for a day of events based on a certain topic. For example, they might dedicate a day to spies and superheroes, pirates, the destination of the kid's resort, Science, or something similar. 

This allows, dress up, play, and specific activities and education that revolves around those themes. For example, for Pirate Day, kids may be taught some pirate history and encouraged to speak like a pirate or dress up as a pirate, then go on a treasure hunt quest for treasure, and finish the day with a pirate-themed party. 

Educational and creative workshops

A lot of fun kids' activities allow them to get creative and to enjoy new sensory experiences and learn to make new things. This could be something as simple as building sandcastles on the beach but can also incorporate something that your kids haven't necessarily done before. Some examples include: playing the drums, hair braiding, Origami, t-Shirt painting, balloon modeling, cookie decorating, magic tricks, making masks, and other arts and crafts.

Art club for kids in an All Inclusive resort

These sorts of workshops and learning activities not only let your kids express their inner artist but help with their development whilst making it fun and interactive. 

Sports and games

Games are the essence of fun for many kids on vacation. They allow the children to play together in a safe environment and to expend some energy whilst their parents take a break. The Kid’s Clubs at Finest Resorts are full of games and sports for kids of all ages to enjoy. 

From simple competitive games like air hockey, board games, and other table games, to more active outdoor activities like paddle tennis, croquet, soccer, kite flying, waterpark games, musical games, and hula hula time, your child has an oasis of fun opportunities at their fingertips.

Whether you choose to remain and watch your kids enjoy themselves or you wish to let the dedicated staff care for your kids while they play, these Kids' Clubs are full of all sorts of resort sports and games for your young ones to experience. 

Two girls playing in the splash pool in the best resort for kids

Evening events and shows

What about entertainment? There is far more for your kids to do than just look at your phone. An extraordinary selection of organized events awaits your kids for their tropical vacation. Finest Resorts have their own mini theater for your kids, along with various entertainment areas to keep them amused. 

This can mean a mini circus, karaoke time, puppet shows, cinema night with their choice of animated movies, pool evening parties, stargazing camps, and other themed party nights like the glow party, mermaid and sharks party, or pajama party. The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. 

Circus for kids in Finest Resorts theater

Other fun activities and amenities

Besides a lot of scheduled activities and events for your kids, there are also a lot of things they can enjoy and benefit from within the Kid's Clubs or Imagine Lounge.

Books, board games, and video games abound along with water parks, splash pools for little ones, mini theaters, kids' plazas, and even a specialized part of the spa for kids to enjoy with their parents. 

There are also a lot of family activities to be enjoyed together such as kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, water polo, beach games, table tennis, volleyball, and much more. 

Family activity: Sailing with the kids from the resort

How does Imagine Kids Club work?

The Kids Clubs in Finest Resorts are divided up by age group so that every child can enjoy fun activities that suit their interests and captivate their attention. Each section of the Imagine Kids Club is kept separate so that each of the groups mix with those of a similar age.

For toddlers 0-2 years old

If you have a toddler and you are looking for something to keep them entertained, there is a stay-and-play area where parents remain with their littlest ones whilst they play with the age-appropriate toys in a safe space. With a place to nap, baby amenities, plenty of shade, and lots of comfortable space, this can be an ideal option for parents on vacation who want to have something on vacation specifically for their toddlers.

For little ones 3-6 years old

Welcome to Mini Club. Here your little ones can enjoy a fun-filled water park, plenty of games, and supervised activities. Whilst parents can choose to stay, you can leave your kids under the care and guidance of the Mini Club staff once you have filled in the forms for registration.

For children 7-11 years old

The Maxi Club is designed for slightly older kids who, whilst always supervised, are more capable of enjoying a more complex set of activities. With team sports, video games, board games, and plenty of excitement to keep them enjoying every moment, boredom will not be an option. Much like Mini Club parents and their travel nanny can remain if they wish, but registration will be required either way. 

For young ones 12+ years old

There is a big difference between what a child and a teenager enjoys doing on vacation. Thankfully, Finest Resorts caters to all kinds of fun with resort entertainment and activities. This can mean horseback riding, table games, archery, balloon fights, and more for the slightly more grown up style of vacation excitement. 

Foosball table in the kids club for older children

All Inclusive resort dining for your kids

All-day activities and events are great, but what about when it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner time? Parents can rest easy knowing that Finest Resorts has thoughtfully planned for everything in advance. 

The Imagine Kid's Clubs come with their own menus and dining options for the kids with child-friendly meals and drinks for them to enjoy throughout the day. There is also the Imagine Lounge which are specific areas where your children can play whilst the parents eat in one of the restaurants. Each Imagine Lounge has its own yummy options for your kids so they do not miss out on their favorite flavors whilst having fun in a child-friendly space. 

Childrens meals in the best kids hotel

What if you have a special request for your child?

Many kids have different needs and many parents have varying preferences for their children. So how does the staff at Finest Resorts Kids Clubs handle this? What if your child has a specific food allergy or restriction? What if you have specific concerns as a parent about certain activities?

This is where the registration comes in. For the Kids Clubs that require registration, parents are given a form to fill out and sign. This document allows parents to note key instructions for their children and to make specific requests as per their preferences and needs.

For example, there is a section where you can note whether your child is taking any medication and whether they have any food allergies. You can also select whether you are ok for the nanny in charge of your child to take them outside of the kid's zone or not and whether you are ok for them to be given food and drink here.

Lastly, at the end of the document, there is a space for you to make any personalized requests for your child so that both you and your kids can feel comfortable and enjoy yourselves to the max. In other words, you can personalize your childcare and then sit back and relax knowing that everything is being taken care of and that the assigned nanny can call you if they have any questions or concerns. 

Check out a Cancun kid's resort

Find the perfect family resort with plenty of kids' activities along the coast of Mexico. Finest Playa Mujeres is the ultimate Cancun kids resort for fun, family time, and festivities. Slide down the Chichen Itza water feature, experience the Mexican theme of the kid's pool areas and zipline, and all the exciting resort entertainment designed specifically for your children. 

See the Imagine Kids Club of Finest Playa Mujeres HERE!

Waterpark at Finest Playa Mujeres, the best cancun kids resort

Explore a Punta Cana kid's resort

Discover the best beach vacation for kids in Punta Cana's top resort for all ages: Finest Punta Cana. Here your children can enjoy tropical themes and a giant flamingo waterpark. You also have some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the world which make for a kid's vacation paradise and the perfect setting for heaps of lively fun and leisure. 

Have a look at the Kids Clubs of Finest Punta Cana HERE!

Playground at Finest Punta Cana, the best Punta Cana resort for kids

Personalize your kid's vacation fun!

With so much to do and so many fun options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. You could begin by downloading The Excellence Collection App and seeing what activities generally appear on which days so that you can plan out an itinerary for your children and select the events that you think they would most enjoy.

This is a great way to plan out your own activities so that everything works in conjunction and you can make sure that there are moments set aside for family time too. May both you and your children have an amazing time in the ideal resort for family vacations in the Caribbean! 

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